Intelligent Security Automation

ACI Platform® is security intelligence at work. Dynamically tune and configure your total security architecture on the general threat landscape and on your organization’s unique risk profile.

Recommendation Analytics

Identify what security tools best address a given set of risks based on threat impact categories using a risk-to-countermeasure taxonomy for mapping exposures to corresponding countermeasures.

Risk Analytics

Transform the multiple sources of risk data in your physical and virtual environments into unified insight across vulnerabilities, software weaknesses and malware.

ACI Platform® is Next Generation Security Intelligence that:

  • Unifies the elements of risks
  • Articulates the attributes of those risks
  • Intelligently maps the risks to the most effective countermeasures to take action

It is technology that combines comprehensive risk intelligence with active mitigation.


Critical Watch joins team at Alert Logic

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FusionVM® Vulnerability Management

FusionVM® by Critical Watch® enables a sustained, organization-wide process to be driven based on unique business and regulatory requirements. It automates many manual steps in the vulnerability management process and dramatically reduces remediation cycle time

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